School of Arts

Nicola Cousen

CRCAH doctoral candidate

Dr James Stewart: Irish Doctor and Philanthropist on the Ballarat Goldfields


Nicola's research provides the first in-depth biography of Dr James Stewart (1829-1906) revealing the doctor's motivations, actions, relationships, work and point of view within the larger historical processes of Victorian history. It offers new insight into nineteenth century Australian history, in particular Irish Presbyterians and Anglo-Irish in the Australian setting, ship's surgeons on immigrant ships to Australia, medical practice as it developed in the unique situation of the Victorian goldfields, the development of Ballarat, the foundational moment in Australian history of the Eureka Stockade and nineteenth century Australian philanthropy.

Nicola's methodological approach utilises interpretive and speculative biography, leitmotif identification and turning point analysis.


Nicola holds a Master of Cultural Heritage, Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science from Deakin University. Amongst other projects, Nicola is currently contributing to a bibliography secondary sources for Irish Diaspora scholars as well as developing a social media campaign for the UNESCO Memory of the World Committee for Asia and the Pacific (MOWCAP) highlighting MOW collections.


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