School of Arts

Jennifer Beacham

CRCAH doctoral candidate

'History of Ballarat Regional Trades and Labour Council 1854-2000'


The Ballarat Trades and Labour Council (BT&LC), the second oldest Trades and Labour Council in the world, was founded in 1883. However the BT&LC sets the perimeters of their history from the time of Eureka with good reason, as that rebellion marked a significant moment in the defining of Australian political consciousness. The first phase is the period of early militancy from the 1850's to the end of World War1. The second phase is a more inward looking one, the internal ideological struggle between the Left and the Right which ended in the 1955 Split. The third phase begins with the late sixties and early seventies which drew a new demographic group to the progressive side of politics, and a new face of unionism arose with public sector workers, teachers and nurses, and women taking significant roles.


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