School of Arts

Jennifer Barrera

CRCAH doctoral candidate

The Millers: portrait of an Australian colonial family (working title)


Family history is a huge growth area and many people from outside 'academic history' are actively engaged in creating the histories of their ancestors.

This research will focus on the Miller family using an approach that blends biography and microhistory with family history, spanning the late eighteenth to nineteenth centuries.

The Millers were both ordinary and extra-ordinary global citizens linked by family who played varying yet significant roles in the colonial histories of Moreton Bay, Van Diemen's Land and Port Phillip.

By comparing and contrasting these family lives and the historical moments they were part of, this research will contribute new meanings and new interpretations to the study of historical lives previously overlooked. It also seeks to raise the profile of family history as having much to contribute to Australian historiography.

Jennifer holds a Master of Education (Deakin Uni.), a Bachelor of Arts (La Trobe Uni.) and a Diploma of Education (La Trobe Uni.). She has worked in adult and secondary education for over thirty years.


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