School of Arts

Amy Isham

CRCAH doctoral candidate

'The Regional Trifecta: Entrepreneurs, Managers and Civic Leaders, an Ethnographic Typology of Leaders Collaborating in a Regional Victorian Community.'


Regional and rural Victoria is under pressure to diversify economically to ensure their future as economic centres in the face of globalisation and decentralisation. The roles of different leaders hold key insights into these struggles. Entrepreneurs play a unique role in establishing and maintaining innovative business ideas and employment for regional residents; Managers are implementing increasingly complex government requirements for bureaucratic compliance and civic leaders remain under remunerated and sometimes untrained in their roles on boards, committees and social enterprises. This ethnography of selected leaders will provide unique insights into the needs, problems and formation of their leadership practise and the impact their roles have on a regional community.


Amy Isham has worked in libraries for the blind and as an expert in VDX Library software before becoming a research assistant in rural health. This led to her writing several literature reviews about aboriginal health, dentists' information seeking and contributing to the publication of two peer-reviewed papers in high impact journals, one as lead author.

Amy's research interests include regional development, particularly related to migration and economic sustainability, the social and economic resilience of regional and rural areas, compliance and bureaucratic structures, children and adult education and multi- literacies, knowledge management and decision making.

Amy started her PhD in 2016 and plans to complete her thesis in 2019.


A Review of Mercury Exposure and Health of Dental Personnel. Nagpal N, Bettiol SS, Isham A, Hoang H, Crocombe LA. Safety and Health at Work. 2017 Mar;8(1):1-10. doi: 10.1016/ Epub 2016 Jun 8. Review.

A Systematic Literature Review of the Information-Seeking Behavior of Dentists in Developed Countries. Isham A, Bettiol S, Hoang H, Crocombe L. J Dent Educ. 2016 May;80(5):569-77. Review.

Conference papers

Isham, A, “Information-seeking behaviours of dentists: a systematic review”, Population Health Congress 2015, 6-9 September, Hobart, Australia (2015) [Conference Extract]

Natasha, N* and Isham, A and Crocombe, LA and Bettiol, SS, “Mercury Exposure and Health of Dental Personnel”, 6-9 September, 2015, Hobart, Tasmania (2015) [Conference Extract]