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School of Arts

CERG: Cultural Enquiry Research Group

The Cultural Enquiry Research Group (CERG) is a dynamic, collaborative and multidisciplinary research group.

CERG conducts research which focuses on understanding and interrogating the multi-faceted contexts, trajectories and expressions of cultures, civilisations and the human spirit, and on building the cultural intelligences necessary for going beyond narrow bureaucratic and instrumental understandings of the world so as to face social and cultural challenges in their full complexity.

Integrating perspectives from sociology, anthropology, critical theory, psychoanalysis, literature and film analysis, gender studies, history, indigenous studies, cultural studies and cultural history, and philosophy, CERG critically engages with the cultural contradictions and challenges of the contemporary world, as well as with the deep civilisational and mythological imperatives underpinning modern conceptions of the world.

Working through fruitful intersectional collaborations, and engaging in theoretical, practice-led and applied research, researchers within CERG have a strong national and international standing. CERG overall aims to:

  • provide a stimulating and a collegial base for academic and postgraduate research falling within one or more of the Group’s research areas;
  • promote research culture, and foster multidisciplinary inter-university and intersectional collaborations;
  • conduct high quality research and disseminate the findings in scholarly books, refereed journals, reports, submissions and other appropriate outlets to those in the general community;
  • work in collaborative partnership with stakeholders on a range of projects, encouraging and supporting research that engages the academic and general communities; and
  • mentor students, junior academics, and early career researchers.