School of Arts

Call for proposals

Invitation to submit a proposal for Open Dialogue 2014

Open Dialogue: Contemporary Learning in a Regional Community will aim to ignite imagination, creativity and passion for learning and teaching in a regional community. This two-day event will take place in various venues in the iconic setting of central Ballarat.

The planning committee seeks proposals from those who are interested in conducting a session at Open Dialogue 2014. Sessions should aim to:

  • Be interactive and collegial;
  • Draw on fresh perspectives and progressive ideas;
  • Enable conversations which centre on challenging and critical issues;
  • Explore diverse educational landscapes; and
  • Highlight innovative approaches to learning and teaching.

Delegates should explore topics in depth through strategies such as hands-on activities, reflection, and discussion in 30, 45 or 90 minute interactive sessions, round table discussions, Ignite presentations (20 slides in five minutes), or showcases. Session leaders are encouraged to incorporate meaningful activities as deemed appropriate, thus creatively modelling exemplary teaching!

Proposals of up to 300 words should broadly focus on the theme of 'Contemporary learning in a regional community' and aim to inspire, challenge, guide or transform the thinking of participants. An explanation of the intent of the session and how it is anticipated that delegates will actively participate is required for interactive sessions.

*Closing date for proposals 24th March 2014