School of Arts

Community engagement

The Faculty of Education and Arts is deeply committed to community engagement with regional communities, schools, groups, industries and agencies.

Our activities are directed towards 'critical issues and conditions that shape our future, locally and globally' and thus recognise the ultimate moral purposes of universities to harness and connect our rich resources 'to our most pressing social, civic, and ethical problems'.

Our community engagement has three main dimensions

Learning and the student experience

Our engaged teaching program includes activities such as work integrated learning, internships, academic service learning, professional placement, international experience, and community research projects that contribute to a betterment of the community, enrich the students' learning, and cultivate a commitment to lifelong learning and career.


Our community-engaged research aims to interrogate dominant structures, institutional arrangements and cultural practices. The process and impact of our research will contribute to improvements in social and political conditions, educational attainment, health and well-being, social inclusion, cultural understanding, cultural expression, and economic growth. Methodologies such as community-based research, participatory action research and critical approaches are typically transdisciplinary and involve working alongside communities and agencies to shape research questions and problems. These approaches value community knowledge and recognise community voices.

Public service and outreach

Through this type of engagement, we 'nurture civic participation and political literacy' to foster citizenship, democratic participation and advance social justice.