School of Arts

Dr Jenene Burke

Position Associate Dean Learning and Teaching
Chair, Higher Education Curriculum Committee (HECC)
Senior Lecturer
Study area: Education
Location: Mt Helen Campus, T Building, Room 316A
Phone: 5327 9332


Doctor of Philosophy - University of Ballarat - 2009

Bachelor of Education - (Physical Education) - Ballarat College of Advanced Education - 1981



  • Joint Degrees in Education
  • Master of Special Education/Master of Education Studies


  • Diversity and Inclusion in Educational Settings (EDDDE4303)
  • Self-directed Study (EDMED7047)


Jenene holds the Chair of the Higher Education Curriculum Committee at FedUni.

As a teacher educator in the School of Education Jenene’s learning and teaching interests centre on educational responses to student diversity, with respect to inclusive education and disability studies in education. She is the former program coordinator of the Joint Degrees in Education and currently coordinates the Master of Special Education. Jenene was the recipient of an Office of Learning and Teaching (OLT) Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning, in 2013 in the Australian Awards for University Teaching, and was awarded the sole 2012 Award for Teaching Excellence, University of Ballarat Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Contributions to Student Learning.

Jenene is the Associate Dean Learning and Teaching in the Faculty of Education and Arts (FEA) at FedUni. In this capacity she is co-chair of the FEA Learning and Teaching Committee, member of FedUni Learning and Teaching Committee, and the Learning and Teaching Advisory Group (LTAG). She is the Victorian representative of the National Associate Deans Learning and Teaching in Education (NADLATE) Steering Group. Since 2014 Jenene has been an Ordinary Member of the Executive of the Australian Teacher Education Association (ATEA) and currently is responsible for coordinating the ATEA awards and grants. She was on the organising committee of the ATEA national conference held in Ballarat in July 2016. Jenene is the Australian representative on the World Federation of Associations for Teacher Education (WFATE) Executive Committee, and the inaugural chair of the WFATE sub-theme working group Disability Studies, Inclusion and Social Justice in Teacher Education in Global Contexts. She also leads the planning committee for the WFATE Fifth Biennial Conference to be held in Melbourne in July 2018.

Areas of expertise

Jenene is an educational researcher who works across a variety of areas. She has worked predominantly in the area of disability studies in education and inclusive education. Along with this, Jenene has broad interests in other facets of education, which are demonstrated in her publications.

Jenene's research interests can be placed in four general categories:

(1) Inclusive playspaces

Jenene has published about children’s experiences of play in inclusive play spaces following her PhD. dissertation, Enabling play: Insider accounts of disabled children’s playworlds in accessible playgrounds, and was an invited member of the Advisory Panel for the National Inclusive Play Guidelines in 2012. She is also a co-opted member of the Social Inclusion Committee at FedUni and a member of City of Ballarat Disability Advisory Committee.

(2) Student diversity and inclusive education

Jenene is interested in how students and teachers experience disability in learning environments. She is currently working in a consortium of five regional universities on a HEPPP funded research project, Understanding how Regionality and socioeconomic status intersect with disability, led by Professor Julia Coyle from Charles Sturt University.

(3) Teacher education learning partnerships

Learning partnerships between schools and teacher education institutions, as well as peer enhancement of teaching for teacher educators, have been the focus of Jenene’s work in teacher education partnerships. She is interested in the development and implementation of inspiring, creative and innovative approaches to enhancing the learning of Pre-Service Teachers through community and international partnerships.

(4) Sexuality education in rural and regional settings

Jenene was one of four researchers in the ‘Strengthening Sexuality Education’ team: The team aimed to strengthen sexuality education in regional and rural areas by improving teaching and learning opportunities for students.

Research interests

  • Inclusive playgrounds
  • Student diversity and Inclusive education
  • Globalisation in Teacher education
  • Peer enhancement of teaching
  • Sexuality education in rural and regional settings


Present doctoral students.

Moya Elvey (Federation University) - "Implementing Inclusion: Classroom Journeys" - Principal Supervisor

Amy Claughton (Federation University) - "Special needs, special play? Re-imagining play for children with disability" - Principal Supervisor

Kim Pappaluca (Federation University) - "King Hit by Queen Bees: Conflict development and resolution amongst teenage girls" - Principal Supervisor

Gerry Skene (Federation University) - "Teaching with Difference: Barriers and Enablers for Teachers with Impairments" - Principal Supervisor

Deborah Robertson (Federation University) - "Altering the round hole, to fit the square peg." Learning environments that are configured to meet the learning needs of children diagnosed with ADHD" - Principal Supervisor

Melinda Metaxas (Federation University) - " Victims or Villains: Teachers' Emotional Intelligence as a Predisposition for Discrimination against Students with Severe Emotional and Behavioural Disorders" – Associate Supervisor

Kerry Murrell (Federation University) - "Transition: Setting Your Compass For Success" – Associate Supervisor

Amy Walker (Federation University) - "A Case Study of Student Aspirations in Melbourne’s Peri-Urban Fringe" – Associate Supervisor



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Book chapters

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  • Australian Teacher Education Association (ATEA)
  • World Federation of Associations of Teacher Education (WFATE)
  • National Associate Deans of Learning and Teaching in Education (NADLATE)
  • Deans of Arts Social Sciences and Humanities (DASSH)
  • National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU)