OctoberVET 2021

This year RAVE hosted the fourteenth annual OctoberVET event online, on November 25th 2021, 11:00-12:30pm. The theme of the event was ‘Beyond COVID’.

The event was open to all members of the community. The research-based event was part of the series of annual national ‘OctoberVET’ events around Australia, an activity of the Australian Vocational Education and Training Research Association (AVETRA).

Program of OctoberVET 2021 (pdf, 266kb)

View the presentations for OctoberVET 2021

Gary Workman – Apprenticeships: What will it take? (Keynote) (pptx, 1935kb)

Erica Smith, Richard Robinson and Darryn Snell – The curious case of jobs and training in retail and hospitality (pptx, 3180kb)

Anthony Pearce – Teacher-student relationships in alternative secondary education (pptx, 61kb)

Peter Fieger – VET student outcomes during COVID-19 (pptx, 948kb)

Barry Golding and Annette Foley – ‘… and now Women’s Sheds’: Broadening the scope of the community-based Shed field internationally' (pptx, 57kb)