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Program information

Program structures

The program plans listed below are a guide for students who are studying full time to follow. If you are studying part-time or have received credit for any courses, please feel free to contact the StudentHQ on 1800 333 864 for assistance with enrolment.

All program structures below are relevant for students who will commence in semester 1, 2021. For students who commenced in a previous semester, please see the continuing students page for your relevant campus.

You can also access some information on the mentor program from the Mentee Handbook (pdf, 150kb).

Undergraduate degrees

Applied management

ProgramBerwickGippslandMt HelenOnlineBrisbane
Bachelor of Applied ManagementXXXStructureX


ProgramBerwickGippslandMt HelenOnlineBrisbane
Bachelor of BusinessStructureStructureStructureStructureStructure
Bachelor of Business (Entrepreneurship)StructureStructureStructureStructureStructure
Bachelor of Business (Human Resource Management)StructureStructureStructureStructureStructure
Bachelor of Business (Management)StructureStructureStructureStructureStructure
Bachelor of Business (Marketing)StructureStructureStructureStructureStructure
Bachelor of Business (Management and Human Resource Management)StructureStructureStructureStructureX
Bachelor of Business (Management and Marketing)StructureStructureStructureStructureX
Bachelor of Business (Marketing and Human Resource Management)StructureStructureStructureStructureX


ProgramBerwickGippslandMt HelenOnlineBrisbane
Bachelor of Commerce (Economics and Finance)XXStructureXStructure

Professional accounting

ProgramBerwickGippslandMt HelenOnlineBrisbane
Bachelor of Professional AccountingStructureStructureStructureStructureStructure

Postgraduate degrees


ProgramBerwickGippslandMt HelenOnlineBrisbane
Master of Business Administration (Health Services Management)XXXXStructure
Master of Business Administration (International Business)XXStructureXStructure

Professional accounting

ProgramBerwickGippslandMt HelenOnlineBrisbane
Master of Professional AccountingStructureXXStructureStructure

Elective and Work Integrated Learning courses

To view which courses are available for study each semester, please view the course and class information page.

Undergraduate students

Unless otherwise specified, students can study any course from another undergraduate program as an elective. A maximum of four (4) courses can be from any school, but the remaining electives must be from the Business School.

Each student who commenced and is enrolled in a Bachelor of Business from 2016 or Bachelor of Commerce program from 2019, is required to complete a Work Integrated Learning (WIL) course. You may choose any course from the list of WIL courses, noting prerequisites. For more information on WIL courses and current opportunities, please see our work Integrated learning page.

Postgraduate students

Students studying an MPA can choose courses from the MBA as electives, unless your program states otherwise.