Federation Business School

Dr Sisira Colombage

Position: Senior Lecturer,
Building 903,
Room 1122
Phone: 5122 6644


Supervision interests

His current research interests include: corporate finance, corporate governance, banking, capital markets, and financial institutions.



Sisira Colombage (co-authored with Anura Amarasena), 2017 “Exporting in The Asian Century: The dynamics of success”, Sid Harta Publications, Australia. ISBN:978-1-921030-85-7

Journal articles

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Awards and grants

  • Earnings management and long term return performance of Australian Convertible Debt Issues, 2010. Granted by Monash University, Gippsland Campus ($9,945)
  • Cash flow research study, 2008. Granted by Loy Yang Power ($33,657)
  • Investments in Real Estate, 2008. Granted by School of Business and Economics, Gippsland ($5,652)