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Bill Jarrard

Position: Sessional Academic,



Jarrard, Bill and Kruithof, Johan (2002); Hidden Gold! Mining the inexhaustible supply of golden opportunities in every organisation. SAI Global ISBN: 0-7337-4512-1 First published in 1999.

Jarrard, Bill and Goddard, Jennifer (2001); Seven Ways to be More Creative, Today! eBook

Jarrard, Bill (2013); The North End Years; Filament Publishing ISBN: 978-1-908691-51-4


Innovation is Simple, But not Easy! (2015)

Critical Thinking, Complexity & Decision Making (2012)

Innovation in the Queensland and Australian Public Service: Insights and Lessons for Fostering Individual Creativity and Innovation (2010)


Bill is Co-founder of Mindwerx International (1998) and the Buzan Centre: Aust/NZ (2001). For more than 25 years Bill’s focus has been on helping individuals, teams, and organisations succeed through the application of Critical & Creative Thinking to Make Innovation Happen.

As lead Innovation Facilitator at Mindwerx he has worked with organisations in more than a dozen countries to help them succeed with Applied Creativity & Innovation. A Fellow of the Institute for Learning Professionals he is considered a thought leader in his area and has spoken to thousands of people on Critical & Creative Thinking, Leading Innovation, Strategic Thinking, and more.

He is an experienced Innovation Facilitator, a senior instructor in Edward de Bono’s Serious Creativity techniques and Tony Buzan’s advanced learning techniques of Mind Mapping and Speed Reading. He is a master trainer and professional educator who through the power of imagination, stories based on professional experience, and the latest thinking on what makes organisations and leaders great, he brings answers to the people and organisations he works with.

Bill’s primary aim in working with others is to help them Think, Learn, and Innovate better, so they achieve the results and future they want.

Prior to forming his first company in 1991, he was a member of the executive team of an Information Technology unit with 1800 people within a major international bank, and led the introduction of change using a Continuous Improvement philosophy that dramatically improved service quality and significantly reduced costs to clients. Prior to this, Bill held a senior role managing a team of nine managers with 200 staff looking after Human Resources, Finance, Facilities Management, and Computer Security for a $200M business unit within the ANZ Bank in Australia.


Master of Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Swinburne University (MEI).

Teaching areas

Course coordinator, lecturer, tutor, and moderator for:

  • BUMGT6927 – Creativity & Innovation
  • BUENT2639 – Creativity & Innovation
  • Bill lectured Creativity & Innovation in the Master of Entrepreneurship & Innovation in Israel between 2000-2009, and in Melbourne between 2003 and 2010.
  • He also developed and lectured a blended and fully online course on Deliberate Creativity & Innovation for the University of Southern Maine USA, and has lectured in Hong Kong as well.

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