Federation Business School

Our vision

The Australian Retirement Research Institute (ARRI) is focused on enabling the best possible later life transitions for all Australians, contributing to national economic performance and reducing inequalities in retirement, with an interdisciplinary approach centred on business, economics, public policy, social gerontology, health and social welfare, and regional development.

ARRI is the pre-eminent centre of its kind in Australia, with a strong international presence. Our primary work involves carrying out research that makes a positive difference to people's lives, promotes evidence-based public policy and effective business inclusive solutions.

We focus on well-being, finances, retirement inequalities and longevity in terms of:

  • Transitions in work and retirement
  • Life after retirement and the retirement experience
  • Policy about age management, working longer and retirement
  • Jobseekers
  • Occupational injury prevention and well-being
  • Workplace design and inclusivity for ageing workers (in contrast to injured workers)

Mission statement

Our focus is strongly applied, practical and transformative in addressing retirement dimensions. We explore issues related to business, economics, public policy, social gerontology, health and social welfare, and regional development.

We have a unique presence in research and in providing policy recommendations to national and international audiences. Our work is closely aligned with industry and positively engaged with community.

Regional focus

Our research institute is physically located in Victoria's Gippsland region, demonstrating our commitment to regional Victoria – a location where the population is ageing more rapidly than metropolitan areas. We are focused on pertinent issues for regional communities, and its close alignment with industry partners potentially gives it national reach into regions of other Australian states.

International reach

ARRI is an interdisciplinary and cross-institutional initiative led by Federation University Australia. It is an internationally recognised research and industry alliance, with a scale and capacity that will make it the leading centre of its kind in Australia. Its proposed affiliations are with other international social gerontology centres and institutes.