Federation Business School


Our goal is to advance knowledge through theoretical and applied research of national and international significance, which addresses contemporary challenges faced by industry and society and supports student learning.

Federation Business School's research objectives are to:

  • produce knowledge that contributes, regionally, nationally and internationally, to the broad study of business and management
  • undertake research, consultancy and knowledge transfer which add value to industry and the community
  • provide higher degree by research students with an experience of the highest quality.

Our research environment is enriched by cultural diversity, with our academics and students coming from across the world.

Our research is clustered around three broad themes:

  • Responsible management
  • Well-being and quality of life
  • Sustainability and development

Responsible management includes our research on organisational ethics, leadership, corporate social responsibility, corporate governance and values in the workplace, institutional law settings, and intellectual property. This research theme will also have a strong link with our United Nations Principles of Responsible Management Education (UN-PRME) commitments.

Well-being and quality of life includes our research on well-being at work, the ageing workforce, and visiting-friends-and-relatives.

Sustainability and development includes our research on regional resilience, green work practices, renewable energy, water allocation, climate change, economic theory, and agricultural economics.

The School has more than thirty Higher Degree Research students enrolled in our programs of Master by Research and PhD programs.

Research centre - ARRI

The Australian Retirement Research Institute (ARRI) is concerned with enabling the best possible later life transitions for all Australians, contributing to national economic performance and reducing inequalities in retirement, with an interdisciplinary approach centred on business, economics, public policy, social gerontology, health and social welfare, and regional development.

Find out more on the Australian Retirement Research Institute ARRI website

Research network - VFR

Federation University Australia's VFR Travel Research Network is a recently formed research group, focusing on applied and knowledge-based research into Visiting Friends and Relatives (VFR) travel.

Find out more on the VFR website