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Federation Business School

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Make your mark with an MBA that connects

Established, dynamic and continually evolving – our MBA has been taught for over 20 years in Australia and around the world.

Designed for small business owners, entrepreneurs, leaders and those with the innate drive to rise up the ladder, this program gives you the competitive edge you need to upskill and make your mark.

Study our MBA and you’re destined to be a new kind of leader. To inspire genuine change within your organisation and community, and along the way, transform your career into something remarkable.

MBA course fee subsidy of 25% to support the business community

A reduced-fee Federation University program will support the business community as it recovers from the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) offers a dynamic blend of theory and practice and will commence in February 2022.

In order to support the re-skilling and up-skilling of the local workforce following the challenges of the past year, Federation University will subsidise MBA course fees to significantly reduce the cost to students by 25 per cent.

The MBA will give small business-owners, entrepreneurs and leaders the tools to tackle real-world challenges within their own organisations.

The course is co-designed with entrepreneurial hub Runway which will lead classes on innovation, network-building and start-up-thinking.

The 18-month program will include guest speakers from industry, culminating in an experiential learning project where students tackle a real-time problem facing their business or organisation.

A limited number of places are available, and the 25% fee reduction is available to students commencing in February 2022.

A curriculum built for the workplace

Our MBA will consolidate your professional experience. It will challenge the way you think about business, decision making and your own management style – giving you the perspective and experience to succeed in senior roles, regardless of your background.

Designed with a local context in mind to meet the demands of the community, while also maintaining a global perspective on modern organisations, our revised curriculum is focused on developing leaders who are agile, decisive, innovative and ethically responsible.

You’ll learn from some of the brightest minds in the industry, people who have been in your shoes and know what it takes to get ahead. Under their guidance, you’ll learn how to turn theory into practice, and develop your skills in critical thinking, business fundamentals, reflection, strategy and leadership.

Our cohort-based approach to learning means you’ll study with the same group of people throughout your program and build strong networks. With six months of practical workplace experience included, you will have the opportunity to complete a project within your own organisation with the benefits of industry mentors.

Runway co-design

The Federation Business School MBA program aims to build skills through knowledge gained from the classroom and expertise from industry and engagement with real-world projects.

This is achieved by co-design of the course with Runway, an entrepreneurial ecosystem that delivers experiential programs to validate, accelerate and scale businesses.

You will learn the fundamentals of business from Federation University lecturers and Runway facilitators will lead workshops on innovation, network building and startup thinking.

A structure designed around you

Flexibility and convenience are built into our MBA, from the way it’s taught to where our campuses are located. Importantly, we know that balancing study, work and life can be difficult, which is why we offer different modes of learning.

View the current class schedule;

Gippsland (pdf, 148kb)


To be eligible for our MBA, you’ll need either of the following:

  • An undergraduate degree from any discipline with at least 3 years' work experience.
  • No degree but hold significant, documented work and management experience.

For more information on the MBA and its exit points, please view our MBA brochure (pdf, 1MB).

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