ARC and NHMRC internal dates for current rounds (2020/21 applications)

Updated 24/09/2020

The ARC Discovery, DECRA and Future Fellowship internal dates have been released for ARC and NHMRC 2021 applications

The current versions of the timetables of dates and milestones are available here:

ARC Future FT21 Internal Due Dates and Milestones - choc frog - v3.0 (Word Doc, 190kb)

ARC Discovery DP22 Internal Due Date and Milestones - choc frog - v2.0 (Word Doc, 190kb)

ARC DECRA DE22 Internal Due Dates and Milestones - choc frog - v4.0 (Word Doc, 190kb)

For EOI deadlines, please see the table above under ARC & NHMRC expression of interest dates 2020/21.

Please be aware that ARC and NHMRC due dates change from time to time.

Any questions or concerns regarding the process can be directed to Tina D’Urbano, Team Leader, Research Funding (

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