Step 4: Funding Establishment Form (FEF)

Version 3.1 - January 2019

Once the application for funding has been successful and you have reviewed the contract/agreement, this form must be completed and submitted to for processing.

A research project code cannot be established without receipt of this form, full execution of funding agreements or other documents as required.

A budget will also need to be submitted (see further information on the FEF) prior to the account being established.

Once the FEF is received, Research Services will:

  • Arrange for the acceptance of grant from the external funding body
  • Facilitate the required Contract/Agreement(s) through Legal Services
  • Using the project budget information, request the creation of a Research Project Code from Finance
  • Check for external legislative requirements eg. Export controls, Ethics, BioSafety, HIRAC, etc.
  • Refer any scholarship/s through to Graduate Studies for establishment
  • Notify Marketing and Media for promotional purposes if applicable
  • Update internal systems, including setting reporting and financial milestone prompts.

Download Funding Establishment Form (FEF) v3.1 (docx, 250kb)