Request for Late Submission (RLS)

Version 1.1 - Jan 2020

This update includes the following changes:

  • Removal of 'email verification' to avoid confusion.  Note that either written or electronic signatures are accepted on all Research Funding internal forms.
  • Slight change to wording in the 'Research Services use' section

Late submissions will only be accepted through authorisation of the DVCRI via this form.

Applicants who are unable to meet the Final Internal Deadline for submitting a final application to Research Services are required to complete this form. The Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research and Innovation must approve this request prior to a late submission.

All requests must be received by 9:00am 5 working days prior to the External Deadline. Extensions will only be approved in the case of exceptional circumstances.

Download Request for Late Submission form v1.1 (docx, 229kb)