Lauren Irvin

School of Arts

The importance of hearing from victim survivors

The 2016 Family Violence (FV) reform agenda put forward by the state of Victoria, places considerable emphasis on ensuring the voices of victim survivors are present, and influential throughout all stages.

As part of the Central Highlands Children and Youth Area Partnership - Research Collaboration, I am currently undertaking an industry based project in the area of FV, entitled ‘Women’s lived experiences of their partner’s referral, to a voluntary men’s behaviour change program’.  This doctoral study is jointly funded and supported by Federation University, together with Child and Family Services Ballarat.

This collaborative research project represents one example, of creating opportunity for victim survivors to voice their experiences, with the additional aim of supporting these voices to positively influence change within policy and practice.  Knowledge gained from my experiences so far will be shared in this presentation, which will focus primarily on why hearing from victim survivors is important, and how this can be achieved.