Meetings schedule

Please note:

  • Agenda items must be submitted prior to 12 midday on the date they are due to the Coordinator Research Ethics.
  • Superseded forms will not be reviewed by the committee - always download the required documents from the Ethics website.
  • Incomplete and/or unauthorised applications will be returned to the researcher for completion.
  • Applications received after midday on the 'Due date for agenda items' will be held over to the next meeting, without exception.
  • Please be aware that there is a cap of 26 application submissions for review each HREC meeting, once this cap has been met subsequent applications received will be forwarded to the next scheduled HREC meeting.

Strict mail out times to the committee must be adhered to, to  ensure HRE Committee members have sufficient time to review each application prior to the meeting. This is a compliance requirement of the National Statement

NB: All applications must be signed off prior to submission by either the:

  • Dean
  • Deputy Dean
  • Associate Dean Research (ADR), or
  • School Ethics Coordinator

Submit your applications to the relevant signatory at least one week prior to the 'Agenda items due to Ethics Office' date, to ensure the signatory has sufficient time to thoroughly review the application and supporting documents, prior to submission by the researcher to the Ethics office.

The Peer review check-list (docx 45kb) is a useful tool for the authorising signatory to assist them in a thorough review.

Unauthorised or incomplete applications will not be eligible for review by the Committee and will be returned to the researcher.

Full meetings 2019

Meeting No:Agenda Items Due to Ethics Office by
12.00 Midday
Meeting Date:
FM 1/19Friday 8 February
Wednesday 20 February

FM 2/19

Friday 22 MarchWednesday 3 April

FM 3/19

Thursday 18 April

Wednesday 1 May

FM 4/19

Friday 3 MayWednesday 15 May

FM 5/19

Friday 24 May

Wednesday 5 June

FM 6/19

Friday 14 June

Wednesday 26 June

FM 7/19

Friday 26 July

Wednesday 7 August

FM 8/19

Friday 6 September

Wednesday 18 September

FM 9/19

Friday 18 October

Wednesday 30 October

FM 10/19

Friday 15 November

Wednesday 27 November

FM 11/19

Friday 22 November

Wednesday 4 December

Sub-committee meetings 2019

Sub-Committee meetings are held in-between full meetings. Only 'expedited' applications (according to the Risk Assessment Check-list) can be considered at these meetings. Any standard application must be considered at a full meeting.

*Remember to submit the Risk Assessment Check-list with your expedited application.

Meeting No:Agenda Items Due to Ethics Office by 12:00 MiddayMeeting Date

SCM 1/19

Friday 1 March

Wednesday 13 March

SCM 2/19

Friday 29 March

Wednesday 10 April

SCM 3/19

Friday 12 April

Wednesday 24 April

SCM 4/19

Friday 17 May

Wednesday 29 May

SCM 5/19

Friday 31 May

Wednesday 12 June

SCM 6/19

Friday 5 July

Wednesday 17 July

SCM 7/19

Friday 16 August

Wednesday 28 August

SCM 8/19

Friday 26 September

Wednesday 9 October

SCM 9/19

Friday 1 November

Wednesday 13 November