ARC & NHMRC application process 2018/19

Updated 03/09/2018

The 2016 Review of Research Services included a recommendation that Research Services establish a best practice ARC/NHMRC grants development program incorporating external peer review. The DVCRI Professor Leigh Sullivan approved this process for all FedUni administered ARCNHMRC grant applications. This process includes the submission of an ARC & NHMRC EOI form.

For externally administered ARC and NHMRC grant applications, please submit the standard Funding Expression of Interest (FEOI) form once reviewed and approved by your ADR.

The benefits of undertaking this process include:

  • To ensure that applicants are provided with appropriate support to develop their applications;
  • To ensure that applications are reviewed appropriately to ensure that, if they are to be submitted, they are of competitive quality; and
  • To ensure that FedUni’s reputation is not compromised by the submission of non-competitive applications, nor that undue time is spent on developing applications that are unlikely to be competitive.

The process for all FedUni administered ARC Discovery Program, ARC Linkage Program (exc. LIEF) and NHMRC rounds is as follows:

  1. An Expression of Interest must be submitted to Research Services by the advertised date for the scheme being applied for. This EOI must be on the ARC & NHMRC EOI form provided via the links below. The DVCRI and the appropriate ADR will meet to decide EOI outcomes. If the EOI is approved to progress, the full application will need to pass through the following steps in order:
  2. Two peer reviews (arranged by applicant);
  3. An external review for comment and subsequent reviews if required (arranged by Research Services);
  4. Approval by the DVCRI to proceed to submission stage;
  5. Research Services compliance and budget check;
  6. Approval for final submission.

Expression of Interest (EOI) forms for ARC and NHMRC can be downloaded here via the Funding Forms webpage.

Submission to the RO via RMS or RGMS is considered confirmation from the applicant that their proposal is ready for endorsement and submission to the funding body.