Research funding

From application to acquittal, Research Funding Team provides the full range of advice, reviewing, reporting and management for research grants, tenders and fellowships.

Policy and Procedures

Research Funding Team

Policy and Procedures

Last updated 02/01/2018

We have now significantly simplified the processes for external research grants and funding. The purpose of these changes is to reduce the administrative burden for researchers at the application (pre-award)  and success (post-award) stages.

Note that there will be a transition phase from 01 January – 31 March 2018, during which time forms and processes may be adjusted due to operational or University requirements. Researchers should download the forms from this page when required.

To view the Research Funding Policy and Procedures, please follow the links below:

Research Funding Policy

Applying for Research Funding Procedure

Applying for Research Funding Flow Chart (pdf, 101 KB)

Post-Award Management of Research Funding Procedure

Post Award Management Actions Flow Chart (pdf 59 KB)

Research Funding Team

Last updated 02/01/2018

For any administrative or financial inquiries related to research funding, please contact an appropriate staff member from the Research Funding Team:

Tina D'Urbano - Team Leader, Research Funding
Ph: (03) 5122 6872 | E:

Jane Eltringham - Coordinator, Research Funding
Ph: (03) 5327 6735 | E:

Research Finance

Tara Harle - Senior Research & Revenue Accountant
Ph: (03) 5122 6360 | E:

Louise Drohan - Administration Officer Research Finance
Ph: (03) 5327 6467 | E:

For academic or discipline specific assistance with a research funding application or inquiries regarding approval processes, please contact your faculty Associate Dean Research (ADR) or University Department Centre Director.

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