Progress reports

Annual Progress Reports

The Annual Progress Report (APR) is an important and formal tool for the University and its Faculties to monitor and evaluate each research candidate's progress. Participation in the APR process and completion of the report is a mandatory requirement for continuation of higher degree research candidature and renewal of both stipend and fee-waiver scholarships.

Who should complete the report?
All Research by Higher Degree candidates who are enrolled are required to complete the Annual Progress Report.

Candidates who are currently on leave from studies or in the examination process (have submitted their thesis and are on a 'TD' Grade) are not required to complete the Annual Progress Report.

Candidates who have recently returned from leave, or are about to return from leave should also complete the report.

How do candidates complete the report?
The 2015 Annual Progress Report was due to be submitted online by 7 August 2015. An email was sent to each candidate's student email address, with a link to participate in the LimeSurvey questionnaire.

What happens if candidates do not complete the report?
Candidates who fail to submit their Annual Progress Report by the due date will be contacted by Research Services in the first instance via the student's university email address. If the candidate fails to respond, Research Services will recommend to the relevant Faculty/School that the candidates progress is to be deemed as 'Unsatisfactory' and an intervention strategy be put in place for the candidate. Candidates may be asked to 'Show Cause'.

What happens to the Annual Progress Report once submitted by the candidate?
All information (excluding the Confidential Report) provided by the candidate will be collated and sent to the relevant supervision team and the Associate Dean (Research) to review and comment.

What happens to the confidential report submitted by a candidate?
If a candidate has submitted a confidential report detailing concerns regarding their candidature, this document is kept private. It is administered by Research Services and provided to the Executive Dean of your Faculty.

If you have any queries about the Annual Progress Report, contact the Research by Higher Degrees Administration Team by email:

or Tel: +61 3 5327 9508