Examinations and completions

Discuss the submission of your thesis with your Principal Supervisor and supervisory team, seeking advice and comment on each draft prior to finalising your thesis. Your Principal Supervisor will need to approve your Intention to Submit form, verifying the quality of your research and thesis is suitable for examination.

You will be required to undertake the following steps for submission:

  1. Complete the Intention to Submit form at least 30 days prior to your submission date, including a 300 word abstract
  2. Advise your supervisor of any experts or potential examiners who you do not wish to examine your thesis
  3. Complete the Release of Thesis form with your supervisor in preparation for submitting your thesis. This form also needs to be signed by the Associate Dean Research and Executive Dean before the thesis can be sent to examiners
  4. Submit your thesis via email to the HDR Team in PDF form. File size must not exceed 10 mb

Your supervisor will organise examiners in the lead up to your submission.

Examiners are provided with eight weeks to complete the examination process from the time they receive the hard copy thesis. Examiners may be provided with an extension due to extenuating circumstances or long thesis lengths. Examiners are not employees of the University, they are volunteers who are paid a small honorarium for their examination work.

The examiner may make one of the following recommendations:


  1. PASSED without further examination; or
  2. PASSED, subject to corrections being made to the satisfaction of the Board; or
  3. the candidate should be required to pass a written and/or oral examination before the thesis is classified as PASSED; or
  4. DEFERRED and the candidate should be permitted to submit the thesis for examination in a revised form; or
  5. FAILED.

Exegesis and Practical Works

  1. ACCEPTED as meeting Masters/Doctoral Degree requirements,
  2. ACCEPTED as meeting Masters/Doctoral Degree requirements subject to changes being made to the satisfaction of the board, or
  3. the candidate should be allowed up to 12 months to revise the thesis (practical works and/ or exegesis) and to submit the thesis for re-examination, or
  4. FAILED.

Once all examiners reports are received, a Research Services representative will analyse their responses and provide you and your supervisor with recommendations. For further information regarding recommendations and in-depth details regarding the examination process, including outcomes of examination please read the HDR Examination Procedure.

For further information, please contact the HDR Team.