Dr Meg Casey

Sport participation contributes to physical activity levels which is a public health issue. Understanding sport participation trends and the influences on participation can provide the necessary evidence to inform sport management policy and practice related to a large range of contexts from community ‘grass-roots’ participation to elite levels of competition. This is important to government departments, sport governing bodies, health organisations and community sport because the management of sports organisations contributes to the health of communities through sport participation. Dr Casey’s sport and recreation research supports evidence-based planning and decision making in the sector. Her research seeks to continually monitor sport participation trends, understand the impact of sport policies and sport participation opportunities, and consider organisational capacity to accommodate sport participants such as club capacity and infrastructure (i.e. demand and supply issues).

She is available to supervise HDR projects on topics relating to:

  • Trends in sport participation, retention and/or drop-out and factors influencing participation.
  • Female sport participation, programs and policy.
  • Children’s modified sports programs.
  • Health promotion strategies or programs applied to sport.
  • Sport and/or Health program evaluation.
  • Organisational capacity.
  • Sport policy.



Twitter: @MeghanMCasey

FedUni profile

Featured video of research study “A positive welcoming environment promotes participation of adolescent females in sports” Available at https://bmcsportsscimedrehabil.biomedcentral.com/