Dr Lauren Fortington

Sports injuries are a significant problem not only for individual participants but also the public health burden they impose. In addition to high financial costs, sports injury can also impair or discourage active lifestyles and ongoing sports participation as well as impact long term quality of life through conditions such as pain or osteoarthritis. Yet keeping people active is an important component of improving health outcomes – keeping people safe in sport can help to keep them active for life. Dr Fortington collects, analyses and reports injury data in different sports settings to best understand the impact and prevention of injuries. She is leading studies of safety in community sports organisations, aimed towards prevention and best management of serious and fatal events in sport. She also conducts epidemiological investigations of the injuries that occur in elite and community sport including rugby union, rugby sevens, cricket and Australian football.

She is available to supervise HDR projects on topics relating to:

  • Injury epidemiology at the population level
  • community sports safety

Twitter: @lfortington

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