Dr Damian Morgan

Due to, or perhaps in spite of, technical advances encouraging sedentary lifestyles and work habits, community interest and participation in structured and unstructured outdoor activities, many of which have elements of adventure, have been increasing in recent decades. Organisations have responded to this demand by providing facilities or incentives for participation. These activities carry risks including physical injury, other health risks and potential conflict with other outdoor users (e.g., road cyclists and cars) warranting fuller understanding for proving safe experiences for all participants. Dr Morgan undertakes research relating to the monitoring and management of persons engaged in outdoor activities with a particular focus on active populations and businesses or organisations that service these activities. His research encompasses risk and safety management in outdoor activities; the application of epidemiological and risk analysis methods with a focus on system analysis, risk evaluation and behaviour change.

He is available to supervise HDR students on topics relating to:

  • Recreation planning and management.
  • Injury prevention for sports, recreation and tourism.
  • Human elements in coastal planning and management.
  • Organisational risk analysis and management.
  • Other topics linked to general management in organisations.

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