Dr Birgita Hansen

Dr Hansen’s research focuses on the ecological responses of birds to changes in land use, with a strong emphasis on waterbird and shorebird conservation, monitoring and management. She is developing spatial information systems for biodiversity knowledge management based on both intensive field-based and desktop-based studies (GIS, statistical analysis, web-based knowledge sharing). She has strong interests in shorebird and waterbird ecology, management of stream-side zones, woodland bird communities and the conservation of biodiversity in agricultural landscapes. She undertakes extensive community engagement and citizen participation, international collaboration with the Wild Bird Society of Japan and the International Wader Studies Group, and research collaboration with government and non-government organisations. A commitment to improving the management of terrestrial-aquatic interfaces and the conservation of avifauna is the key motivation behind her research. This includes building awareness and capacity of private landholders to contribute toward improved management and conservation of wetlands.

She is available to supervise HDR projects on topics relating to:

  • Ecological studies of birds (including habitat use, breeding and population trends of woodland, waterbirds and shorebirds) and bird-vegetation-land use interactions.
  • Bird migration and movement.
  • Citizen science in freshwater and terrestrial monitoring.
  • Improving the science and practice of riparian restoration.
  • Natural Resource Management planning and community data acquisition and management.

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Youtube: Tracking the Migration of Latham's Snipe