SportsHosts: Big data analytics PhD scholarship

Project: Spectator profiling using big data analytics for enhancing sports fandom

Scholarship value: $27,082.00 per year stipend to support living costs (2018 RTP stipend rate)

Project support: up to $3000 per annum for approved 'reasonable project expenses'

Location: Victorian campus of Federation University Australia at Ballarat

Closing date: Please contact Assoc Prof Madhu Chetty (contact details below).

Commencement date: Monday 15th October 2018. However, the successful candidate may negotiate this date

Scholarship application form and research project details:  FedUni SportsHosts scholarship application form

Industry Partner: SportsHosts

Academic Supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Madhu Chetty (FedUni)

Industry Co-Supervisor: Mr Darren Walls (Industry)

For questions related to the research project, please contact Assoc. Prof. Madhu Chetty, (03 5122 8148 or

Scholarships are available for domestic or international students. Scholarships are tax-free and full-time, with no possibility of being undertaken part-time during candidature. Students will be required to commit to a minimum of four days per week on campus and participate in occasional industry placement at key times during the term of the candidature. Scholarships are for a period of three years only. Extensions to scholarships will not be granted. An additional “tuition fee waiver scholarship” may be available for an international student.

General conditions of HDR Scholarships at FedUni
Should the general conditions differ to those on the application form for this SportsHosts scholarship, the conditions outlined for this specific scholarship take precedence.

How to apply:

Prospective postgraduate candidates should indicate on the candidature Application for admission form that they are also applying for the SportsHosts PhD scholarship

To be eligible to undertake a PhD, students must meet eligibility requirements outlined on the Research website. If you are applying for 'Honours equivalence,' please ensure that you provide detailed information to support your case.

Ensure you include all documents as requested on the checklist within the FedUni SportsHosts scholarship application form

For questions regarding the application process, or general scholarship and candidature information, please contact:

Graduate Research School,
Federation University Australia,
P.O. Box 663, Ballarat VIC 3353,
Telephone: 03 5327 9508

Information on Industry Partner and Principal Supervisor for the SportsHosts PhD Scholarship


Sport has a place at the heart of every culture. SportsHosts, a Melbourne based Start-up Company, aims to provide the opportunity for individuals or groups to meet people from around the world, come together over sports and build a global community.​  From a classic supporter in pubs, to roaring stadiums, and on to post-game revelry, it is the ultimate way to have (or to share) a real, local sporting experience.

To benefit from the huge impact of the shift from a shared economy to a passion economy, SportsHosts aims to study the fans profiles (both hosts and visitors) through the application of advanced machine learning and big data analytics techniques.

The studies, it is anticipated, will enable identification of different scenarios and the bringing together of various cohorts of people together in creating lifestyle changes.

Associate Professor Madhu Chetty (Principal Supervisor)

Dr Madhu Chetty is an Associate Professor in Information Technology within the School of Science, Engineering and Information Technology at Federation University Australia at the Churchill Campus. His career has seen him work at Monash University and University of Melbourne in Australia but also at international universities in India and the Netherlands. He has served on the editorial board of Elsevier’s Neurocomputing journal and played key roles in international conferences. With many international collaborations, he has lead funded research through his international collaborations in the information technology area.

A/Prof Chetty is recognised for his expertise in applying computational intelligence, evolutionary optimisation and machine learning techniques to real-life big data problems from interdisciplinary research area of life sciences. In the course of his research, he has developed new computational techniques, which are reported in high impact publications with many citations.

A/Prof Chetty is currently focussing to solve data analytics problems in other interdisciplinary research areas, e.g. Healthcare and Business. The current project is in Sports sector and relates to the profiling of spectators and bringing them together to improve their experience by using data analytics.

As a principal supervisor of higher degree students he has supervised several students to completion in the areas of machine learning, optimisation, computational intelligence and bioinformatics