Latrobe Streetgames 2018/19

Through Streetgames, GippSport aimed to deliver a range of free social sports and activities to increase active participation, volunteering and professional development of young people in the Latrobe Valley. Streetgames' target was young people, aged between 12 and 25 in particular, those who did not identify with mainstream sports or who did not have access to sports because of cost, transport, confidence and other barriers.

The approach taken by GippSport reflects the values and guiding principles of the Charter, in particular:

  • Use a community-led approach to ensure all people, including those who are marginalised and under-represented, have choice, control and a voice in developing the supports and services they need in their lives.
  • Do something different, try new approaches and learn from mistakes to create new and innovative health and wellbeing models and programs.
  • Use a co-design model to shift how we think about and organise health services in the Latrobe Valley, and create innovative approaches to their design and delivery

CERG Research Team

  • Associate Professor Joanne Porter (Lead)
  • Dr Vaughan Reimers
  • Dr Karen Missen
  • Dr Damien Morgan
  • Dr Sue Whyte
  • Professor Britt Klein
  • Val Prokopiv

CERG evaluation

The CERG (formerly CEU) evaluation of the program analysed the impact of Streetgames in regional townships in Latrobe City while assessing the impact on social connectedness and increased participation, using a right time, right place, right style approach, innovative recruitment and marketing campaigns leading to a sustainable program delivery.

Key Findings

The evaluation found that the program successfully delivered a variety of activities at multiple sites in seven towns engaging with over 9,000 participants. Attendance steadily grew over the course of the program and, in regard to re-visit intentions as a key indicator of satisfaction, all participants and parents surveyed indicated their intention to attend future events.

Additionally, the report found that Streetgames provided youth coaches and volunteers with an opportunity to develop employment, communication and time management skills and GippSport should be commended for the ongoing commitment to youth engagement.

Streetgames also had a significant impact on social connectedness. While improving participants' attitudes towards physical activity, young people were given opportunities to grow and learn and change community perception and attitude towards youth gathering places such as skate parks.

Streetgames continues to deliver scheduled activities in the Latrobe Valley, with funding for a further year, building on the trust that was developed in the first year.