Cyber security

The Internet Commerce Security Laboratory (ICSL) was established 10 years ago and has an excellent record in research in cyber-security, re-enforcement learning, optimisation, text mining, information forensics, health informatics and analytics areas for innovative solutions for cyber-crime and big data industry. This research includes the investigation of solutions to malware, phishing and other cybercrime attacks that are becoming an increasing cost to society in both monetary terms and business reputation and confidence, and cyber-attacks on the Internet of Things (IoT) for infrastructure systems that can threaten and disrupt services to society, governments and industry. There is a growing need to utilise a range of approaches for both defensive and offensive cyber-security solutions. Increasingly, complex and optimal solutions are required to efficiently counteract the diverse ways cyber-attacks are initiated.

Our research aims to conduct theoretical and applied research and provide professional consultancy services in:

  • Cyber-security
  • Optimal and adaptive security
  • Healthcare privacy
  • IoT and software defined network security
  • Analytics for cyber-security attribution

Research projects

Vulnerability modelling for IoT systems

Accurate identification, monitoring and mitigating cyber security risks could lead to cyber-assured critical infrastructure systems. Internet of Things (IoT) paradigm, connecting and managing critical infrastructure networks has become very appealing to the governments and enterprises for the development of seamless communication, monitoring and the control of critical infrastructure. However, it exposes these systems to unprecedented, complicated and severe security risks and makes them vulnerable to internal and external cyber-attacks.

Malware analysis

Static and dynamic analysis can help in determining the behaviours of the malware to understand their attack methodology. ICSL is working in developing techniques to conduct malware reverse engineering with the help of data mining schemes to reduce to time to conduct malware analysis.

Further information

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