Dynamic landscapes

The Dynamic Landscapes Research Priority Area conducts research to seek new knowledge about, and apply innovative solutions to, the challenges of managing and restoring natural and productive landscapes and waterways. This research is vital at this time of significant societal transition, population expansion, and climate and environmental change for our regions. Our researchers are working closely with stakeholders to provide an important bridge between these major challenges and evidence-based solutions that will help our regions become resilient.

Through our strategic geographic advantage, working closely with our Federal, State and regional partners, we are able to leverage off our combined expertise and experiences in order to ensure the availability of healthy, sustainable and economically viable landscapes and waterways for future generations.

Our research focusses on three main themes:

  • Water and Climate Systems
  • Digital Agriculture and Agronomy
  • Landscape Restoration and Rehabilitation

Federation University is fortunate that our campuses are close to many ‘living laboratories’ which provide world class platforms for landscape-scale research, as well as focused projects examining the unique situations our communities are facing.


  • Understanding the influence of climate, water and land use on the state of floodplain wetlands;
  • Restoration and rehabilitation of current and historic mine sites in the Ballarat,  Gippsland and Murray Basin regions;
  • Managing water resources for competing environmental, consumptive, social and cultural interests across the Grampians and Central Highlands regions;
  • Determining the effect of invasive species and responses to elevated CO2, to environment and agricultural systems through the Wimmera;
  • Utilising digital technologies to enhance profitable agriculture in the highly productive landscapes of southern and western Victoria.

Further information

Geotechnical and Hydrogeological Engineering Research Group (GHERG)

Dr Jessica Reeves
Phone: +613 5327 9049
Email: j.reeves@federation.edu.au

Associate Professor Andrew Barton
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