School research groups

Our schools have a strong focus on research. Staff within our schools are doing some exciting research within their fields.

  • School of Arts
    Through regional partnerships which seek to make a difference through to international linkages with Europe and North America, the School is home to an active, innovative, and diverse research culture. We investigate issues to do with history, culture and society. We have particular strengths in history and heritage where we were rated at world standard in the 2015 Excellence in Research Assessment. Creative research in the School is also strong, and crosses diverse visual, performing, and trans-disciplinary arts practice and theory to explore the ways in which art creates meaning, expresses experience, and guides our understanding.
  • School of Education
    Research into teacher education is a major part of our research, supporting our teacher education programs in school education, early childhood education, and vocational education and training. Our researchers are active in policy research in these sectors. Much of our publication activity addresses systematic disadvantage such as low socio-economic status, cultural diversity, regionality, and educational opportunities. We also have a focus in curriculum areas especially STEM.
  • School of Science, Psychology and Sport
    Our focus is on education excellence and innovative research. We have a wide range of health and science related disciplines including human movement and sport sciences, impact ecology, exercise and genes, biological science and psychology
  • School of Health
    The School engages in health and clinical nursing research that prepares individuals to work in innovative practice partnerships and enhances safety.
  • School of Engineering, Information Technology and Physical Sciences
    A common theme which underpins our research is a concern with the impact of that research on the environment, society and economy in which we live on a region.
  • Federation Business School
    Our research focus is on the role of business enterprise and economic progress in the regional context, especially with regard to business innovation and ecologically sustainable development.