Dr Savin Chand

It is widely accepted that the world is undergoing a significant change in its weather and climate conditions. To understand the impact of these changes on environment and society, scientists are producing increasingly large amounts of data records through satellites, meteorological instruments and physical model simulations. Dr Savin Chand undertakes research to understand climate change and variability, and their impacts on environment and society in Australia and the Asia-Pacific regions. His mathematical and statistical modelling work includes environmental process modelling, weather and climate modelling, and disaster risk and impact modelling using information from satellite observations, instrumental records and physical model simulations. He also develops end-user defined tools and decision support systems to better understand climate change and its impact on environment and society. His multidisciplinary research is important for understanding the impact of climate change on building infrastructure, food and water security, ecological biodiversity, infectious disease transmission etc., and weather and climate extremes – such as tropical cyclones, severe rainfall, droughts and heat waves.

He is available to supervise HDR students on topics relating to:

  • Experimental design and analysis
  • Statistics for prediction
  • Multivariate analysis
  • Statistical methods