Continuous ARC Linkage rounds 2019

Updated 19/02/2019

As of 1 July 2016, the Australian Research Council (ARC) changed the way they run the Linkage Projects (LP) Scheme, to move it from an annual round to a continuous application round.

Assessment and announcement of outcomes may be “fast-tracked” where possible. Please see 'Important Dates' page on the ARC website at

The ARC Linkage Project time frames are designed so that applicants can submit an ARC & NHMRC EOI form at any time of year. Please ensure you submit our ARC & NHMRC EOI form well in advance of your planned submission date as per below. Please also be aware of the LP19 deadline for EOIs listed above (for applications to be submitted in 2019).

For externally administered ARC and NHMRC grant applications, please submit the standard Funding Expression of Interest (FEOI) form which has been reviewed and approved by your Dean or nominee.

Process for FedUni administered Linkage proposals

  1. Lead FedUni Investigator submits Dean or nominee approved ARC & NHMRC EOI form to Research Services.
  2. Receives authorisation within 2 weeks from DVCRI to develop application.
  3. Lead FedUni Investigator drafts application and incorporates comments from two peer reviewers.
  4. Lead FedUni Investigator submits submission-ready draft with indicative budget and two peer reviewer comments to for External Review.
  5. External review comments returned to Lead FedUni Investigator (1-4 weeks).
  6. Lead FedUni Investigator informs Research Funding Team of probable final submission date.
  7. Researcher submits amended and final submission-ready draft with indicative budget and reviewer comments to Compliance & budget review returned within 5 business days.
  8. DVCRI authorises submission and Research Funding Team submits to the ARC (5 business days).

The following supporting docs must also be submitted to with the final application (see step 7 above):

Submission to the RO via RMS is considered confirmation from the applicant that their proposal is ready for endorsement and submission to the ARC.

For Guidelines, Instructions to Applicants & Other Relevant Docs please scroll below.