ARC and NHMRC expression of interest dates 2020/21

Updated 15/07/2020


ARC or NHMRC Scheme

*EOI Deadline 12 noon

ARC Discovery Program

Discovery Projects DP22

Weds 22nd July 2020

See below for DP22 Internal Dates and Milestones

Discovery Early Career Research Award (DECRA) DE22

The DE22 external deadline is in Nov 2020.

EXTENDED TO Weds 27th May 2020

See below for DE22 Internal Dates and Milestones

Discovery Indigenous IN22

Weds 22nd July 2020

Future Fellowships FT21

EXTENDED TO Tues 30th June 2020

Australian Laureate Fellowships FL21

Weds 17th June 2020

ARC Linkage Program

Linkage Projects LP20 -R2 (Continuous)

Weds 15th April 2020

Linkage Projects LP20 -R3 (Continuous)

Weds 12th Aug 2020

Special Research Initiative for
Australian Society, History and Culture SR20 Round 2
Mon 16th Mar 2020

Linkage Infrastructure Equipment and Facilities (LIEF) LE21

Please see current LIEF dates and NOI process

All Other Linkage Program Schemes

20 weeks before the ARC external deadline


Investigator Grants 2020 applications


Synergy Grants 2020 applications


Ideas Grants 2020 applications


Strategic and Leveraging Grants 2020 - 2021 applications

Dependent on sub-scheme

Partnership Projects PRC1 2020

Weds 1st April 2020

Partnership Projects PRC2 2020

Weds 5th Aug 2020

Postgraduate Scholarships 2020

Weds 4th Mar 2020

Clinical Trials and Cohort Studies 2020

Weds 8th July 2020

All Other NHMRC Schemes

20 weeks before the NHMRC external deadline

*EOI deadlines are subject to change upon release of ARC and NHMRC external deadlines. Updates will be communicated via the school and FedNews.

Subsequent internal deadlines will be set and released upon receipt of EOIs. Adherence to the above deadlines ensures that the DVCRI approved process is carried out and managed effectively. Late EOIs will not be accepted unless exceptional circumstances apply, and have been pre-approved by both the School and the DVCRI. However, Research Services staff can be contacted at any time during the process to discuss any aspect of an application.

Any questions or concerns regarding the process can be directed to Tina D’Urbano, Team Leader Research Funding (

For Guidelines, Instructions to Applicants & Other Relevant Docs please scroll below.