Step 4: Funding Establishment Form (FEF)

Version 7.0 April 2022 update:

  • Signatory section updated to reflect new structure.

Once the application for funding has been successful and you have reviewed the contract/agreement, this form must be completed, signed by your Centre Director or nominee and submitted to for processing.

A research project code cannot be established without receipt of this form, full execution of funding agreements or other documents as required.

An updated Budget Costing Pro Forma may also need to be submitted prior to the account being established.

Once this form and supporting documentation is received, Research Services will:

  • Facilitate the Contract/Agreement execution through Legal Services
  • Negotiate the completion of a Multi-Institution Agreement or Collaboration Agreement if applicable
  • Request the creation of a Finance Project Code.
  • Refer any scholarship/s through to the Graduate Research School for establishment.
  • Update internal systems, including setting reporting and financial milestone prompts.

Download Funding Establishment Form (FEF) v7.0 (Word, 173 KB)