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Step 4: Funding Establishment Form (FEF)

Version 5.2 May 2021

This version includes the following changes:

  • Clarification regarding GST exclusive amounts.

Aug/Sept 2020 release of the Research Funding Policy and Procedures.  It incorporates the following changes:

  • Internal Project ID replaces PAN
  • The Budget Costing Pro Forma is now required for all external research funding.
  • Research infrastructure/indirect costs are now set at 30%.
  • Certifications have been updated to include Research Integrity requirements.

The previous 2020 updates included the following changes:

  • Current Federation University branding.
  • Removal of Legal Office signature block as this is no longer required.
  • Removal of 'email verification' to avoid confusion.  Note that either written or electronic signatures are accepted on all Research Funding internal forms.

Once the application for funding has been successful and you have reviewed the contract/agreement, this form must be completed and submitted to for processing.

A research project code cannot be established without receipt of this form, full execution of funding agreements or other documents as required.

An updated Budget Costing Pro Forma may also need to be submitted prior to the account being established.

Once this form and supporting documentation is received, Research Services will:

  • Facilitate the Contract/Agreement execution through Legal Services
  • Negotiate the completion of a Multi-Institution Agreement or Collaboration Agreement if applicable
  • Request the creation of a Finance Project Code.
  • Refer any scholarship/s through to the Graduate Research School for establishment.
  • Update internal systems, including setting reporting and financial milestone prompts.

Download Funding Establishment Form (FEF) v5.2 (docx, 160kb)