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Step 3: Funding Submission Coversheet (FSC)

Version 4.1 May 2021

  • Clarification regarding GST exclusive amounts.

The previous 2020-21 updates included the following changes:

  • New budget table to provide an estimate of Federation University contributions.
  • Internal Project ID replaces PAN
  • Certifications have been updated to include Research Integrity requirements.
  • Current Federation University branding.
  • Addition of 'Funding Org/Scheme' for clarity
  • Update to Key Words - a total of 3 key words are required (rather than '3 max.')
  • Removal of 'email verification' to avoid confusion.  Note that either written or electronic signatures are accepted on all Research Funding internal forms.

The FSC and the submission-ready application are due 5 working days (unless otherwise advised by Research Services) prior to the funding body submission date (external deadline). Applications cannot be submitted without the approval of the DVCRI.

Applications will be approved by the DVCRI proceeding budget and compliance sign off (10 working days before external deadline).

This form provides school approval of a submission-ready funding application, as well as essential reporting information

It is to be signed by your Dean or nominee before submission. Once signed, please forward to for DVCRI approval to submit the proposal to the funding body.

Do not send this form directly to the DVCRI (unless this is a direct report) as it will be returned to you without approval.

Download Funding Submission Coversheet (FSC) v4.1 (Word Doc  170kb)