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Step 1: Funding Expression of Interest (FEOI)

Version 5.1 May 2021

  • Clarification regarding GST exclusive amounts.

The previous 2020-21 updates included the following changes:

  • New budget table to provide an estimate of Federation University contributions.
  • Minor change to wording regarding the 15 business day requirement.
  • An FEOI form is required from a researcher applying for any external funding proposal/application, including non-research consultancies.
  • Internal compliance and budget reviews are now compulsory for all external research funding proposals/applications (regardless of value).
  • The Budget Costing Pro Forma is now required for all external research funding applications/proposals at pre-award stage.
  • Research infrastructure/indirect costs are now set at 30%.
  • Certifications have been updated to include Research Integrity requirements.
  • Updated to include the current Federation University branding.
  • Tick box to confirm the current HERDC Specifications have been read
  • Removal of 'email verification' to avoid confusion.  Note that either written or electronic signatures are accepted on all Research Funding internal forms.

This form is to be used for external research funding applications such as grants, tenders, contracts, etc; whether or not Federation Uni is the lead organisation (excluding Federation Uni lead ARC/NHMRC see below).

The FEOI is a starting point to notify your Dean or nominee of your intention to progress with a research funding application.  It is to be signed by your Dean or nominee and submitted to the Research Funding Team as early as possible (min. 15 business days) to ensure that your funding application is registered and support can be organised. Once signed, please forward to for DVCRI approval prior to investing significant time in developing the full proposal.

Do not send this form directly to the DVCRI (unless this is a direct report) as it will be returned to you without approval.

Download Funding Expression of Interest (FEOI) v5.1 (Word 174KB)