Research Professional - Online research grants database

We subscribe to Research Professional, an online database of research funding opportunities and awards. This subscription enables researchers to search for available content, and set up email alerts to stay informed on new funding opportunities relevant to individual research discipline(s).

To get you started with this new and exciting funding opportunities system, the Research Funding Team has assigned you to a broad discipline work group. You will receive a weekly email alert with a list of current research funding opportunities relevant to this discipline work group. However whilst this search has been set up for you, you will have the ability to change and refine your email alert and work group preferences based on your specific needs.

Key features of Research Professional include:

  • An intuitive interface to make browsing for funding as simple as checking your email.
  • Shared resources, allowing you to benefit from saved searches and folders of bookmarked items created for you by your administrators.
  • Ability to set up targeted email alerts on funding opportunities within your area of research interest
  • Powerful search tools to help you find exactly the funding opportunities that interest you.

To help you get started on the site, you might want to take a look at the available help resources. These include:

Please log in to Research Professional. Here you can log in via our Federation University Australia account. Please see the PDF below for instructions on logging in:

How to login to Research Professional - FedUni staff (503kb,pdf)

If you are a FedUni researcher and have any queries about Research Professional and managing your account, please contact your FedUni Research Funding administrators:

  • Tina D'Urbano - Ph: (03) 5122 6872
  • Jane Tuppen - Ph: (03) 5327 6735