National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC) funding opportunities

Updated 15/07/2020

The NHMRC run a range of different research funding schemes related to medical research throughout the year. If you are interested in applying for NHMRC funding, please visit the NHMRC website to determine which scheme best suits your research project and needs.

Please speak to your School ADR or Centre Director if you are interested in applying for a particular scheme. All research funding proposals must be faculty approved before submission. Forms to begin the application process can be found on our Grant Forms page. Budget costing pro formas for research projects can be found at Research finance.

Proposals for all NHMRC schemes require significant time and development. Some general things to consider before applying for an NHMRC grant:

  • Do you have an up to date Sapphire account? All NHMRC proposals are submitted through the online Sapphire portal.
  • What are your current time commitments and how will an NHMRC project fit into your schedule?
  • Have you read the relevant scheme Guidelines, Instructions to Applicants (ITAs) and other documentation? This information can be found via GrantConnect.
  • What support is available through your school/centre?

For information on current NHMRC schemes and dates running through FedUni, please visit our ARC and NHMRC due dates page. 

For all NHMRC administrative, budget and RGMS enquiries, please contact