Readmission process

If a candidate's candidature has lapsed within the last 2 years and the candidate would like to return to study the following process should be followed, including the forms provided below:

Application to Re-Admit into the Same Program (pdf, 232kb)

Completion Plan Form (docx, 216kb)

Process for readmission into the same program

1. Candidate requests to return to study Candidate Candidates must not have been inactive for a period greater than 2 years for this to apply. If your inactive period is greater than 2 years you will need to complete an Application for Enrolment as Candidate for Degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) or Masters by Research. You do not need to re-submit supporting documents, eg: transcripts etc. This form can be found on the apply web page.
2. Candidate requests meeting with Supervisor or ADR / HDRC and obtains Readmission & Completion Plan forms Candidate Requests for meetings should be completed within a reasonable time frame.
3. Supervisor accepts or rejects meeting request Supervisor Supervisors may reject a request to meet and refer the request to their ADR / HDRC.

Where ADR / HDRC decides that the candidate can no longer be supported due to lack of supervision or previous lack of candidature progress, candidature can be terminated in accordance University Policy and Procedure. Where a new supervisor can be allocated, supervision arrangements are reported to Research Services and the new supervisor continues from Step 4.

4. Supervisor meets with candidate to discuss return to study and completes the Readmission and Completion Plan Forms Supervisor, Candidate Completion plan must be endorsed by Supervisor and ADR / HDRC. Where a Completion Plan is rejected by the Supervisor, the Candidate may request to meet with the ADR /HDRC. Where the Completion Plan is rejected by the ADR / HDRC, candidature will be terminated in accordance with University Policy and Procedure
5. Supervisor accepts completion plan & signs readmission form and forwards to ADR / HDRC for approval Supervisor  
6. ADR / HDRC approves completion plan and Readmission form ADR / HDRC Where the study plan is rejected by the ADR / HDRC, candidature will be terminated in accordance with University Policy and Procedure. If the approvals for the Completion Plan is delegated to the HDRC, terminations of candidature must be approved by the ADR.
7. Study plan and Readmission form returned to Research Services ADR / HDRC  
8. Research Services adds re-enrolment of candidate to RHDSC agenda Research Services Re-enrolment must be approved before candidate can recommence study
9. RHDSC approves / rejects re-enrolment RHDSC  
10. Research Services administers re-enrolment process with candidate or advises enrolment rejected by RHDSC Research Services  
11. Candidate is required to undertake six monthly progress reporting until two consecutive progress reports are deemed ‘Satisfactory’ Candidate, Supervisor, ADR, Research Services