Note: Superseded forms will no longer be considered by the committee. Download templates from the website for each new application.

Applications submitted on superseded forms will be returned for re-submission on the current template. It is possible this may impact on your research timelines if this causes you to miss the deadline of agenda items due.

HRE forms are regularly updated, therefore you need to always download the required document directly from this site to ensure the latest version is submitted to the committee for consideration.

Application forms

Application for human research ethics approval

To apply for approval from the HREC, please download and complete: Application for Human Research Ethics Approval (docx, 150kb)

Bulk application

This form should be used by researchers seeking ethical approval for a cluster of human research projects, generally for class-based units. Bulk applications are considered at full committee meetings only. Application for HREC Bulk Approval - Standard (docx, 383kb)

Each student’s project will be individually refined by completing an Amendment Request - Bulk Application form (docx, 118kb) which details the specifics of their individual project which is clearly associated with the main application.

Approved by another HREC

HRE projects approved by another Australian HREC, are recognised by Federation University Australia HREC. These projects will be endorsed in certain circumstances, such as when a researcher is involved in a collaborative project hosted by another institution. National Statement, (Section 5.3). The HREC will also consider the approval of projects transferred from another institution by a new staff member. Contact the Ethics Office for details on how to proceed.

Plain language information statement and informed consent form

Project reporting forms

Annual and final reports

It is a condition of approval that annual progress reports are submitted annually on the anniversary of the approval date. It is the responsibility of researchers to take note of the report dates on the approval notification and submit as due. Failure to submit reports is a breach of compliance and project approval, which may result in ethics approval lapsing.

Amendment requests will not be considered if annual reporting requirements are not met.

A final report must be submitted within one month of completion of the project. If the project does not proceed or is discontinued for any reason, please advise the Committee by completing the final report form.

To report on:

  • the annual progress of a continuing HREC-approved project, or
  • the discontinuation of an HREC-approved project; or
  • the completion of an HREC-approved project

Annual/Final Project Report Form (docx, 137kb)

Incident and adverse events

It is the responsibility of the Chief Investigator to ensure the Ethics Office is contacted immediately regarding any incident, serious or unexpected event. This may include adverse effects of the research on participants or problems relating to the conduct of the project. Failue to do so may result in discontinuation of approval and/or disciplinary action.

Note: you may be required to submit an Amendment Request alongside or shortly after your Incident Report. In most cases, recruitment and data collection should be paused while and Incident Report is under review.

To report on:

  • an incident, or
  • adverse event, or
  • unforeseen circumstance

Incident Report Form (docx 103kb).


To request amendments to an existing HREC-approved project:

  • Changes to an existing project
  • Extension request to an existing project
  • Change of personnel to an existing project

Application for HREC Amendment (docx  99kb)

Declaration form for transcribers

All transcribers of taped data should complete a declaration of confidentiality prior to commencing the work.

Declaration of Confidentiality (docx, 64kb)

Peer review check-list

This check-list may be useful to guide peer reviewers and authorising signatories in providing feedback to researchers regarding research design and merit of their ethics application.

Peer reviewers and authorising signatories should be familiar with the type of research being conducted within their Faculty, but not directly involved with the research project.

If revisions are required, researchers are expected to respond to the peer reviewer’s/authorising signatories' feedback prior to submitting their application to the Ethics Office.

Authorising signatories:

  • Research Centre Director, or delegate, or
  • Institute Research Advisor, or delegate, or
  • Centre/Discipline Ethics Coordinator/Advisor, or delegate

Peer Review Check-list (docx, 135kb)