Step 2: Select and complete the appropriate application form


  • Select the appropriate application form for your project - see options below.
  • Refer to the National Statement (PDF 600kb) and the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research (PDF 829kb) for guidance when preparing your application, as well as University policy and procedure documents.
  • Read the preamble in each section of the selected application form, and diligently follow the directions as given.
  • Application forms must be completed on your computer. Handwritten applications will not be accepted.
  • Special consideration must be given to the following sections - read and understand the requirements as listed in the preamble in each section:
    • lay description;
    • research methodology;
    • risk and risk management versus benefits of proposed research;
    • recruitment strategies;
    • consent.
  • Answer all sections with sufficient information, in lay terms, so the committee are able to make an informed decision regarding your project.
  • Prepare all required supporting documentation (refer to step 3).
  • Review spelling and grammar on material prepared for the general public, and ensure it is written appropriately for the intended audience. It must represent the University in a professional manner.
  • Download the new Peer Review Check-list (pdf, 46 kb) to assist authorising signatories to verify your application is of merit to be reviewed by the HREC.
  • Obtain all required signatures before submitting your application:
    • Principal researcher, and other researchers, then
    • Head of School, or
    • Deputy Head of School, or
    • Associate Dean Research (ADR), or
    • School Ethics Coordinator
  • It is recommended you allow at least a week for the above signatories to review your proposal and authorise if considered worthy of submission.
  • Incomplete applications and/or superseded forms will be returned to the researcher.

Expedited application

Complete a Risk Assessment Check-list (docx 150kb) to confirm eligibility, as per Step 1 instructions, then an application for HREC Approval Expedited Application (docx, 312kb).

  • Applicants must submit the completed HREC Risk Assessment Check-list with their application to demonstrate that their project is low risk.
  • An expedited application may be reviewed at either a sub-committee or full committee meeting.

Standard application

Application for HREC Approval - Standard (docx, 361kb)

  • Standard applications are reviewed at HREC full committee meetings.
  • The Risk Assessment Check-list is not required with a standard application.

Bulk application

Application for HREC Bulk Approval - Standard (docx. 349kb)

  • This form should be used by researchers seeking ethical approval for a cluster of Human Research Projects, generally for class-based units. Bulk applications are considered at full Committee meetings only.
  • Each student’s project will be individually refined by completing a Amendment Request - Bulk Application form (docx. 89kb) which details the specifics of their individual project which is clearly associated with the main application.
  • Submit the bulk application with an amendment request for each student's component of the major (bulk) project.

Existing data application

Approved by another HREC

Contact the Ethics office for details on how to proceed

  • HRE projects approved by another Australian HREC are recognised by Federation University Australia HREC.
  • Provide a copy of the original application and supporting documents, plus the approval notification from the other HREC to the ethics officer.
  • These projects may be endorsed when a researcher is involved in a collaborative project hosted by another institution. National Statement, Section 5.3 (PDF, 48kb).
  • The HREC will also consider the approval of projects transferred from another institution by a new staff member.
  • Refer to the National Statement, Chapter 5.3 Minimising duplication of ethical review (PDF, 600kb) for information on this topic