How to apply for HREC approval

New human research ethics application

Always download required forms from the Ethics website, rather than use a copy previously saved to your computer to ensure you are using the most up to date form.

  1. Download and complete the Application for Human Research Ethics Approval form (docx, 150kb).
  2. Find information, including details associated with risk, to accurately complete your application on the Guidelines and guidance page of this website.
  3. Complete all study documentation. This may include, but is not limited to:
    • Recruitment advertisements
    • Plain Language Information Statement (PLIS)
    • Consent form(s)
    • Questionnaire(s)
    • Interview guide(s), and
    • Letters of support.
  4. Send your complete application to one of the delegated signatories for approval one week prior to the application due date.
  5. Send the completed application form along with all supporting documentation to the Ethics Office at by the due date for agenda items.


  1. The application deadline is midday. Late applications will be held over until the following meeting.
  2. Answer all sections with sufficient information, in lay terms, to enable the committee to make and informed decision regarding your project.
  3. Review spelling and grammar on material prepared for the proposed participants/general public, and ensure it is written appropriately for the intended audience. It must represent the University in a professional manner.
  4. It is recommended you allow at least a week for the signatories to review your proposal and authorise if considered ready for submission.
  5. Incomplete applications and/or superseded forms will be returned to the researcher without review.
  6. If possible, supporting documentation should be provided as a single pdf file in the following order:
    1. Recruitment material
    2. Plain Language Information Statement (PLIS)
    3. Consent form(s)
    4. Data collecting tools
    5. Other supporting documentation.

Student projects

In the case of student projects, Principal Supervisors are considered Chief Investigators. Student researchers must review their completed application and all supporting documentation with their supervisor(s) prior to submission.

Please ensure that you allow sufficient time for Ethics Committee review and approval. Requests for out of session, or otherwise expedited reviews due to late submission will not be granted.

Bulk new human research ethics application

If you are seeking approval for a cluster of human research projects, for example class-based teaching projects, you may complete the Bulk Application Form.