At least four (4) members appointed by Academic Board, in accordance with minimum requirements for AEC membership outlined in the Australian Code of Practice for the Care and Use of Animals for Scientific Purposes, including:

 Category 1Name
aA person with qualifications in veterinary science, preferably with experience relevant to the activities of the institution, or a person with qualifications and experience to provide comparable expertise
  • Dr Michael Sheedy
  • Professor Wayne Robinson
  • Associate Professor John Larsen
bA person with substantial recent experience in animal experimentation
  • Mr Andrew Arnold
  • Professor David Peidrafita
  • Dr Grant Palmer
cA person with demonstrable commitment to, and established experience in, furthering the welfare of animals, who is not employed by or otherwise associated with the institution, and who is not involved in the care and use of animals for scientific purposes. The person should where possible be selected on the basis of membership of an animal welfare organisation
  • Mr Rolf Schlagloth
  • Ms Kay Taranto
dAn independent person who does not currently, and has not previously, conducted experiments using animals, and who is preferably not an employee of the institution
  • Ms Nita Eng
  • Ms Elizabeth Clay


Additional members appointed by Academic Board:

 Category 2Name
a A Chairperson, appointed by the Academic Board on the recommendation of the Vice-Chancellor
(term as determined by the Board):
  • Professor Rob Wallis
bObserver - Unable to vote: A member of the University responsible for the care of animals appointed by the Board: