Applications should be submitted to the relevant signatory (below) at least one week prior to the 'Agenda Items due to Ethics Office' date, to allow time for the application to be reviewed to determine it is of merit to be assessed by the AEC; appropriate facilities are available (if applicable); and the project will be supported by the relevant faculty.

  • Head of School; or
  • Deputy Head of School; or
  • Associate Dean Research (ADR); or
  • School Ethics Coordinator

Meeting dates 2023

Meeting Code:Agenda items due:Meeting dates
Time: 12 Midday
AEC 1/2023Friday 3 February, 12pmWednesday 15 February
AEC 2/2023Wednesday 5 April, 12pmWednesday 19 April
AEC 3/2023Friday 9 June, 12pmWednesday 21 June
AEC 4/2023Friday 4 August, 12pmWednesday 16 August
AEC 5/2023Friday 6 October, 12pmWednesday 18 October
AEC 6/2023Friday 24 November, 12pmWednesday 6 December