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Dr Vilim Filipovic

Research Fellow, Soil Hydrology/Ecohydrology





Gippsland Campus, Online

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Dr Vilim Filipovic has an MSc degree in agroecology and a PhD in environmental soil physics and hydrology from University of Zagreb, Croatia.

He focuses on understanding transport processes in soil by applying novel modelling and monitoring approaches to quantify environmental pressures on soil and water resources. The soil vadose (critical) zone represents one of the most complex terrestrial systems. The proper identification and quantification of critical zone processes are crucial for sustainable environment. Numerical modelling can be used to that aim as a valuable predicting tool combined with laboratory analytics and extensive field observations.

Vilim is currently Associate Editor of Soil Science Society of America and Vadose Zone Journals and is actively involved in different international scientific groups focusing on vadose zone processes and numerical modelling. He holds an Associate Professor position at University of Zagreb. He was the PI of several projects focusing on the critical zone science within the soil-plant-atmosphere nexus.

Research interests

Environmental science

Applications of Computed Tomography (CT) in environmental soil and plant sciences

Effect of sewage sludge-derived amendments on the nutrient uptake by Chinese cabbage from Mediterranean soils

Estimation of Precipitation Fraction in the Soil Water of the Hillslope Vineyard Using Stable Isotopes of Water

Investigation of Hillslope Vineyard Soil Water Dynamics Using Field Measurements and Numerical Modeling

Leached Copper Correlation with Dissolved Organic Carbon in Sloped Vineyard Soil

Long-term analysis of soil water regime and nitrate dynamics at agricultural experimental site: Field-scale monitoring and numerical modeling using HYDRUS-1D

Quantification of Intra- vs. Inter-Row Leaching of Major Plant Nutrients in Sloping Vineyard Soils

Straw Mulch Effect on Soil and Water Loss in Different Growth Phases of Maize Sown on Stagnosols in Croatia

Agriculture management and seasonal impact on soil properties, water, sediment and chemicals transport in a hazelnut orchard (Croatia)

Effect of slope position on soil properties and soil moisture regime of Stagnosol in the vineyard

Estimation of stagnosol hydraulic properties and water flow using uni-and bimodal porosity models in erosion-affected hillslope vineyard soils

Modeling seasonal soil moisture dynamics in gley soils in relation to groundwater table oscillations in eastern Croatia

Tracing lateral subsurface flow in layered soils by undisturbed monolith sampling, targeted laboratory experiments, and model-based analysis

Utilizing stable water isotopes (δ2H and δ18O) to study soil-water origin in a sloped vineyard: first results

Biomass bottom ash & dolomite similarly ameliorate an acidic low-nutrient soil, improve phytonutrition and growth, but increase Cd accumulation in radish

Determination of soil hydraulic parameters and evaluation of water dynamics and nitrate leaching in the unsaturated layered zone: A modeling case study in central croatia

Effect of sewage sludge derived compost or biochar amendment on the phytoaccumulation of potentially toxic elements and radionuclides by Chinese cabbage

Evaluation of a Sprayable Biodegradable Polymer Membrane (SBPM) Technology for soil water conservation in tomato and watermelon production systems

Growth and element uptake by salt-sensitive crops under combined nacl and cd stresses

Hyperaccumulators for potentially toxic elements: A scientometric analysis

Spatial mapping of soil chemical properties using multivariate geostatistics. A study from cropland in eastern Croatia

Succession of microbial community in a small water body within the alluvial aquifer of a large river

A Sprayable Biodegradable Polymer Membrane (SBPM) technology: Effect of band width and application rate on water conservation and seedling emergence

Estimation of vineyard soil structure and preferential flow using dye tracer, X-ray tomography, and numerical simulations

Initial experimental experience with a sprayable biodegradable polymer membrane (SBPM) technology in cotton

Land management impacts on soil properties and initial soil erosion processes in olives and vegetable crops

Microplastics in terrestrial ecosystems: A scientometric analysis

Modeling carbamazepine transport in wastewater-irrigated soil under different land uses

Modeling water flow and phosphorus sorption in a soil amended with sewage sludge and olive pomace as compost or biochar

Response of Soil Dehydrogenase Activity to Salinity and Cadmium Species

Short-term impact of tillage on soil and the hydrological response within a fig (Ficus carica) orchard in croatia

The effects of irrigation water salinity level on faba bean (Vicia faba l.) productivity [U?inci razine zaslanjenosti vode za navodnjavanje na produktivnost boba (Vicia faba l.)]

Effect of fire-induced water repellency on soil hydraulic properties and water flow

  • Journals

Estimating the extent of fire induced soil water repellency in Mediterranean environment

Global environmental changes impact soil hydraulic functions through biophysical feedbacks

Representation of plot-scale soil heterogeneity in dual-domain effective flow and transport models with mass exchange

The effect of stabilization on the utilization of municipal sewage sludge as a soil amendment

Inverse estimation of soil hydraulic properties and water repellency following artificially induced drought stress

Organic matter and salinity modify cadmium soil (phyto)availability

Quantifying subsurface lateral flow along sloping horizon boundaries in soil profiles of a hummocky ground moraine

Modeling copper and cadmium mobility in an albeluvisol amended with urban waste composts

Modeling water and isoproturon dynamics in a heterogeneous soil profile under different urban waste compost applications

Numerical simulations of isoproturon transport in conventional soil cultivation with compost obtained by urban biological waste recycling [Numeri?ke simuiacije pronosa izoproturona pri konvencionalnoj obradi tla uz primjenu komposta dobivenog recikliranje

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Plastic mulch and nitrogen fertigation in growing vegetables modify soil temperature, water and nitrate dynamics: Experimental results and a modeling study

Water flow and solute transport model of potentially toxic elements through unsaturated zone at regional wellfield Kosnica

Efficiency of maize irrigation scheduling in climate variability and extreme weather events in eastern Croatia

Evaluation of different soil water potential by field capacity threshold in combination with a triggered irrigation module

Modeling water flow and nitrate–nitrogen transport on golf course under turfgrass

Modeling the effect of soil structure on water flow and isoproturon dynamics in an agricultural field receiving repeated urban waste compost application

Numerical simulation of water flow in tile and mole drainage systems

Soil tillage to reduce surface metal contamination - model development and simulations of zinc and copper concentration profiles in a pig slurry-amended soil

Experimental and mathematical modeling of water regime and nitrate dynamics on zero tension plate lysimeters in soil influenced by high groundwater table

Modelling water flow in free drainage lysimeters and soils with different anisotropy [Modeliranje toka vode na procjednim lizimetrima i tlima s razli?itom anizotropijom]

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Presence of nitrates in groundwater: Sources and processes [Prisutnost nitrata u podzemnim vodama: Izvori i procesi]

  • Journals

Identifying spatial and temporal variation of nitrate concentration in shallow groundwater aquifer

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Impact of agriculture on the quality of percolating water: Case study in eastern Croatia

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The impact of pipe spacing on drain outflow, nitrate flush and rapeseed yield [Utjecaj razmaka cuevi na drenažno istjecanje, ispiranje nitrata i prinos uljane repice]

  • Journals

Groundwater dynamics in drained soils of the Bi?-Field District

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Impact of agriculture on leachate quality in the area of the amelioration canal for irrigation of the Bicross d sign -Bosut polje [Utjecaj poljoprivrede na kakvo?u procjednih voda na podru?ju melioracijskog kanala za navodnjavanje bicross d sign bosutskog

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Water quality in hydroameliorated agricultural areas

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