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Dr Vaughan Reimers

Senior Lecturer, Marketing

Federation Business School




Gippsland Campus, Online


Dr Vaughan Reimers’ expertise lies in the field of marketing, covering a wide range of areas including retailing, sports marketing, permission email marketing, green marketing, demarketing (eg. smoking cessation) and marketing in the educational sector.

Dr Reimers has an extensive list of publications and research grants. Vaughan’s research expertise is regularly employed by external stakeholders for survey design, to carry out large-scale consumer surveys, and to translate complex academic concepts and content into easily understood language that practitioners can readily implement. He also works closely with the local power industry, conducting research on their behalf.

Vaughan is Senior Lecturer in marketing at Federation University Australia and has worked as a full-time academic at the University and its predecessors for 25 years.

The Effect of Positively Framed and Negatively Framed Messages on Televised Smoking Cessation Advertisement Success: A Systematic Review

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Happiness, altruism and the Prius effect: How do they influence consumer attitudes towards environmentally responsible clothing?

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Re-visiting an old topic with a new approach: the case of ethical clothing

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The academic conceptualisation of ethical clothing Could it account for the attitude behaviour gap?

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Convenience for the car-borne shopper: Are malls and shopping strips driving customers away?

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Designing Convenient Retail Centres: What it Entails and why It's Important.

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