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Dr Richard Iles

Senior Lecturer, Economics/ Econometrics





Mt Helen Campus, Online

Estimating willingness-to-pay for a livestock vaccine among the marginalized: The role of reflective thought in discrete choice experiments

PastoralScape: An Environment-Driven Model of Vaccination Decision Making Within Pastoralist Groups in East Africa

The role of short-term changes in cognitive capacity on economic expenditure among Kenyan agro-pastoralists

Variable Cognition in ABM Decision-Making: An Application to Livestock Vaccine Choice

Modeling realistic human decision-making is an important feature of good policy design processes....

Government doctor absenteeism and its effects on consumer demand in rural north India

Government doctor absenteeism from their public posts is a sizable problem across developing...

Information sharing and willingness-to-pay for CBPP vaccine in rural Kenya

The study estimates cattle owners’ willingness-to-pay (WTP) for Contagious Bovine Pleuropneumonia...

Investigating the nature of competition facing private healthcare facilities: The case of maternity care in Uttar Pradesh, India

The private healthcare sector in low-and middle-income countries is increasingly seen as of...

Informal healthcare sector and marginalized groups: Repeat visits in rural North India

The interrelationship between the public and private sectors, and formal and informal healthcare...

Revenue effects of practice nurse-led care for chronic diseases

Objective To determine the economic feasibility in Australian general practices of using a...

Stated Choice design comparison in a developing country: recall and attribute nonattendance

Background: Experimental designs constitute a vital component of all Stated Choice (aka discrete...

Policy agendas in australian politics: The governor-general's speeches, 1945-2008

The Policy Agendas Project collects and organises data from official documents to trace changes...